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“After much deliberation and prayer, I firmly believe that God has laid upon my heart to run for Arkansas House Representative for District 87,” Chris Wolcott says. As a Christian, conservative Democrat, and family man, Chris believes your socioeconomic status should never silence your voice. It is your voice that he will carry straight to the steps of the capitol.

Chris Wolcott is a lifelong resident of Sevier County, Arkansas. He is married to Tonya Wolcott and has 5 children, ranging from ages 7 to 30. Chris started his career in law enforcement as a jailer for the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department in 1996. He was promoted to a patrol deputy in 1997. During this time as a patrol deputy, Chris was a narcotics detection K-9 officer. During his career, he received about 1,200 hours of training - some of which include: drug enforcement preparation, hostage crisis negotiation, and domestic abuse education. In Chris’s career as a patrol officer, he was able to see the effects of drug addiction on the community and on individual families including his own. Chris was promoted to Jail Administrator in 2016. In 2017, working with Sheriff Robert Gentry, they implemented Inmate Programs and Services allowing all minimum-security inmates the opportunity to attend various programs that could impact their potential to rehabilitate.

Chris believes in serving our community. He believes that in order for our country to get back to a time where everyone cared and wanted to help people, we have to begin to instill a servant’s heart into our youth. So he chose to start a 4-H group based almost solely on community service. We have to instill these values in our youth to get the next generation back to how our parents used to live and conduct their lives. Chris’s children are constantly finding ways in which to serve our community. If we want a better community, state, and country we will find ways to serve others, find out what their needs are, and find a way to meet those needs. Chris believes in giving people tools to better themselves. Chris, along with Sheriff Robert Gentry, co-created the Sevier County Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program (RSAT), they resolved to give the participants access to tools to better themselves that they may never have been given. RSAT has received many accolades from individuals such as the governor and the attorney general of the state of Arkansas. RSAT has also recently been the subject of a documentary on Discovery Plus, The Program: Prison Detox.

It is Chris’s goal that we educate people and instill older generation values to bring us back to the society we once were and could be again. He promises to be the common working man and woman's voice in Little Rock. For those of you who think your voice isn't heard in Little Rock, Chris promises you, your voice will be heard. He can't promise you his one voice or vote will make a complete change. It may take a few years to change minds and hearts. He can, however, promise your voice will be heard. Chris will carry your ideas and concerns with him to Little Rock. He won't tell you,’ Yes, I'll check into that ‘, or ‘I’ll voice your concern’ and then not do it. Chris promises he will do what he says, “I'm going to do to the best of my ability in a timely fashion. I am a man who stands behind my word. I value credibility. I am an officer of the court. I will not compromise who I am for anything or anyone. I will not be bought off by lobbyists or special interest groups. I am for the people and by the people which is what we are called to be. I have been a farmer, a small business owner, a line worker for Pilgrim’s Pride, a sanitation worker, and a law enforcement officer in my lifetime. I think God carried me through these different walks in life to prepare me to serve you. He gave me the knowledge of many different walks of life to relate to all of you in one way or another. I will get your voice heard. I truly love my fellow man and woman and have been given a calling to serve all of you.”

Chris received recognition by DeQueen Rotary Club in 1998 for Officer of the Year and was awarded Sevier County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by Attorney General Leslie Rutledge in 2017.

Although he is running on a Democratic ticket, Chris does not share the far-left Democratic views that most Democrats have today. As a conservative Democrat, he has to reflect on what democrats were supposed to be, what they used to be versus what they are now. Chris is interested in helping everyone who has been feeling like they’ve been left behind, and who knows how to better reach across the aisle than someone who agrees with a lot of Republican ideals, and knows where they are coming from, but knows that in all this infighting it’s the people that have been taking the biggest burden.

Chris is someone who takes the best ideas no matter where they come from and isn’t interested in division.

He cares about people and what’s best for the community above party lines. The infighting is what has gotten us in the situation we are in. No one wants to listen to what the other side has to say. Chris promises that he will listen to everyone. He can’t promise that one person can make changes overnight but he will promise to be everyone’s voice that feels like they have been left out.

Chris’s 20 years in law enforcement makes him very qualified to deal with the issues causing problems in our state right now because the justice system has been a dumping ground for every social problem that we have been dealing with for years. From mental health to drug addiction, if we don't know how to deal with a social problem, let's just send them to jail and not have to deal with them. But that approach is tearing our families and communities apart. We have to come together on a state level, a community level, and a family level to start fixing this problem.

Chris Wolcott would appreciate your support as candidate for State Representative District 87.


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