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I have known Chris Wolcott since 1996 when he started at the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office. I took Office as Sevier County Sheriff and Collector in 2017. I named Chris Wolcott as my Jail Administrator because I found him to be firm but fair with people. During the first few months in this position, Chris and I saw a need to make some changes in the Detention Center. We instituted programs and services for minimum-security inmates and noticed an immediate change in inmate behavior for the better. Chris and I co-created the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program in the jail. 

I have watched Chris endure countless hours of conversation with families that are practically begging for help for a loved one suffering from addiction. The one thing noted from these conversations is the hurt in a mother or father’s eyes when they are pleading for a child. In some of these cases, there was no help at the end of the tunnel, but Chris continued to search through the contacts that had been made and would come up with an option to get help. Chris has devoted his own time after hours to assist those that society may have written off as a total loss. Chris is a strong Christian man that cares for his fellow man and woman and will work hard to see that every voice is heard.

When Chris came to me and asked what I thought about him running for the position as State Representative, I was somewhat shocked. After a lengthy discussion, I found that Chris was really passionate to follow his heart. I am proud to endorse my friend Chris Wolcott as a Candidate for the Office of State Representative.

— Sevier County Sheriff, Robert Gentry

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